This October we’ll run our first Change Your Rhythm Men’s Advancement Retreat. Five days in the jungle of San Ignacio, Belize, connecting with nature and our deepest instincts, finding peace and embracing life.

So, why are we holding a retreat just for men? Well, there are all sorts of retreats out there, and even a few designed for men. But these are mostly focused on yoga, meditation or religion. What if those don’t appeal to you?

We wanted to create a retreat built on four key pillars: four fundamental aspects of manhood that have become lost, compromised or complicated by contemporary society. They are:

In our ancestors’ times, men hunted and protected their communities. These activities brought men together: they spent time together, learning from and supporting each other. This gave men a group where they could speak their truth and be their authentic – sometimes vulnerable – selves. This retreat will create an environment where you can understand and benefit from the value of shared experiences.

Challenges and growth
Being challenged and stepping out of your comfort zone is the key to growth. In the past, we hunted animals and fought enemies. Modern life brings different challenges but fewer chances to step up and prove yourself – and to grow as a result. Drawing on historic customs of the ‘rite of passage’, this retreat will create challenging experiences that will teach you new skills and increase your confidence, so you can grow as role models, husbands and fathers.

Historically, due to our physiology and the demands of our environment, men’s role has been as the provider, protector and heavy lifter. Our environment has changed, and with it so have gender roles, but our DNA hasn’t caught up. The world’s expectations can be confusing but this retreat will create space to reflect on and discuss what it means to show up as men in modern society – breaking stereotypes, challenging toxic masculinity and supporting men to be better men.

Humans spent the majority of our evolution in nature. There is an innate human desire to be close to nature: spending time outdoors has been linked to reduced stress levels, improved mood and overall happiness. This retreat will immerse you in the elements of nature (earth, water, fire, and air) and teach you skills to survive in the wild, tapping into our innate human desire to survive.

Why you should join a men’s retreat

Does the idea of spending time in nature, being part of a supportive community, challenging yourself, and deepening how you show up as a man appeal? If so – great! But if you’re having doubts then ask yourself whether your ego is getting in the way.

Everybody respects the men who do the work and become better role models and leaders as a result. But nobody enjoys the vulnerability it takes to increase awareness and take full ownership of our weaknesses. It can be hard as men to accept our shortcomings but this is what we respect in those who grow: their willingness to be humble, uncomfortable, and do what needs to be done.

The way we see it, there are three things that keep men playing small and not living up to their best selves.

The first is that men feel increasingly disconnected from themselves and others. Understanding one’s emotions is not easy. Nobody was born with the manual. External expectations, internal beliefs, and a lack of emotional education make it tricky. But modern society demands that we become more emotionally intelligent. It is not an option if you want to create success and become a role model for the people in your life.

The second is physical fragility. Nowadays, stuck in an office, it’s easy to be overweight, sick, or just not in the best physical fitness and health. Our food industry and addictive distractions don’t help. It’s not just a matter of how fit and healthy you are – it is about where you are and where you know you could be. The bigger the gap, the less vigorous you feel.

Lastly, there is the vicious cycle of learned helplessness. Most men want to lead a better life. They follow the influencers, read the books and listen to podcasts, but it doesn’t seem to work. Their situation feels different; the guidance doesn’t apply. They feel frustrated, tired of their limitations and don’t know what to do next. So, they don’t do anything.

The Change Your Rhythm Men’s Advancement Retreat is designed specifically to help you step out of your current situation, and grow toward being the person you want to be. No matter what level you are at, there is another level. That’s why it’s called an ‘Advancement’ – rather than a retreat. It’s about moving forward and embracing life.

This five-day experience will challenge you and make you rethink how you show up as a man. We will forge a brotherhood to support you during, and long after these days together. There will be intense and uncomfortable moments, but that’s what it takes to achieve growth and change.

This experience isn’t for everyone – it’s for men who want to become better men.

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