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We get to do this thing called Life once, don’t leave a dream unlived! thinking of relocating? we can make it easier for you!

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 Choose A three session Consultation to get started relocating to any country of your choice.

1) How to choose a country based on your lifestyle and needs.  2) Creating a check list, what go’s on it?                                                                       3) Making the necessary preparations to move.
4) The actual Packing and moving-
5) Getting to know your new country
6) The Technicalities, Employment, Residency, Citizenship, the boring stuff.

Which elements of relocation do you need the most help with? In three one hour sessions, we will choose the most pressing topics with you and help you make your actionable lists to get you started on your way to relocation.


Or….choose The research program: Is Belize for me?

(This package is for Belize Only)

This package is perfect for you if you have decided that it is time to do a test run, your able ready to move and want to try a six  month trial period to make sure Belize fits your expectations.

With this program we will handle much of the headaches and ground work to get you settled in.:

  • Find you temporary accommodation for when you arrive.
  • Arrange pick up from the airport/or port of entry
  • Help you find a long term rental. (limited to one geographical area and 10 viewings)
  • Help you set up Utilities, get you a local simcard etc.
  • Take you around to find your local supermarkets, farmers market etc.
  • Complete an action plan for your stay.


The Complete relocation program: The Dream Move,      Tailored just for you! 

We handle the heavy lifting from start to finish !

For this service, its best you book a discovery call with us, we are here to make your relocation as smooth and stress free as possible, we are ready to assist you,  the price will vary according to your requirements.



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