Financial Literacy Coaching



So you have come to make peace with that nagging feeling of the need to understand your money.

  • What you have
  • Where your money goes
  • What direction you want your money to go
  • How money works
  • Your money script

The list goes on.

The bottom line is if you don’t get to know your money you will spend your time chasing a carrot that’s dangled in front of you. You will get stuck in the rat race, living pay check to pay check.

Although your working hard & more often than not doing what “your supposed to do” this thing called money is still an ominous concept you can’t fully grasp to save your life.

These coaching sessions aren’t counselling sessions. We share our money story with you, mistakes/learnings and all. Guide you through building a healthy foundation with your money story.

Although these sessions are tailor made after the initial consultation the main focus and end goal for everyone is:

Focusing on where you are now with your money and where you want to be- we will make a plan to help you get there.

Usually starts with weekly sessions. Then as you start getting your head around money and move into investments we will come down to 1 session a month and so on.


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