Hi, and welcome to our little corner in this webiverse. 

We are Asli, Frank, Liban and Awralla 

We are creating our own version of a sustainable lifestyle.

decentralization as a lifestyle concept is, “not putting all your eggs in one basket.”

For us that means having many places to call home around the world, multiple income streams, and diversity in all forms, of assets, financial and otherwise, this is how we choose to explore freedom. 

For the last few years we have been enjoying creating our sustainable off grid organic farm, and health and wellness businesses here in northern Belize.

Our farm; With just our own hands, we set out to establish our farm here in as natural a way as we could, rather than bringing in the bulldozers and construction crews, we, as a family, cleared, cultivated, planted and built, with our own hands,  our house, our farm buildings, guest houses, fruit orchards, gardens and the works… chickens, beehives, fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs, coffee and chocolate, it’s all part of it, so is homeschooling the kids. 

Health and wellness business for us is sharing with you, our journey, our lifestyle, what we’ve learnt, what we like and think you will too,  all the many internal and external products our organic farm allows us to share.

We do this through our offerings of Belize Retreats and through our two brands Malmal and Change Rhythm for physical health and wellness products 

But what about finances?

Yep, money is important too, it wasn’t until we learnt how to manage our own money properly that any of this became possible for us, we want to be able to pass what we’ve learnt on to you as well, look for more from us on here about financial literacy and investing too. 

Short reads, We wanted to document some of our journey on here as a form of support for others looking to do something similar, The journey didn’t start here and won’t end here either, but here will always be there for us and our kids, and it is an integral part of our journey, join us, connect with us and interact with us!

To our future and yours!

Our Offerings

what we bring to the table

Goddess Gathering Retreat ! Sold Out !

San Ignacio, Belize
May 21st- 25th 2024

Change Your Rhythm Men’s Advancement Retreat

October 30th – November 3rd 2024
Bullet Tree Falls, San Ignacio, Belize

Relocation Consultancy

We get to do this thing called Life once, don’t leave a dream unlived! thinking of relocating? we can make it easier for you!

1:1 Investment Coaching, Learn How To Invest!

This is for those seeking more in depth guidance to starting their investment journey.

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short reads from our journey

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