In the pic, my kids trying to swim in a hole in the yard after it rained, they don’t worry about failure, they learn through doing.

“If you quit you can never win, 

If you never quit you can’t loose”

I don’t know where the above saying came from, but I’ve heard it more than once. 

It makes sense to me…..

Let’s look though, at failure, it deserves at least a second look and a few minutes thought….

Why has failure become a dirty word?

Failure makes us feel inadequate and damages our egos 

Success on the other hand……

That’s the buzzword we all want to hear used to describe us!

It makes us feel good, success means, we think we’re winning !

Success feeds our egos and self esteem, it leads us to believe we are somehow a cut above, somehow we’ve excelled and succeeded against all odds! 

And that’s true, but there’s a lot to learned on the journey to success, and some of that has to do with failure 

Failure is more often than not, part of the journey to success. 

We adults forget, many lessons in life are learnt through failure, we learn how to walk by falling over and over until we’ve got it right!

It’s not pretty to our egos and our own self image, but it’s perfectly normal!

Imagine for a minute;

You come home after a long days work to proudly tell your loved ones how badly you sucked today and that you failed miserably!

what’s more your excited about it and your energized to do the same again tomorrow!

Not exactly what you had in mind right?

In reality, you’ll probably not want to say anything to anyone about how much you sucked and failed……..

We can all agree, the failure part of anything sucks! We don’t like it!

Why would we and why should we?

I have absolutely no idea! And no solution either!

It seems we’re all destined to have at least a good serving of uncomfortable failure every once in a while!

Perhaps it’s the uncomfortable nature of failure that’s necessary for us to find a solution and a way forward to success?

So let’s try to look at failure in a little bit more of a positive light, it’s not all bad!

Failure teaches us many things;

To change our approach.

To look at what we’re doing from a different angle, 

To re-evaluate our idea altogether 

To re-assess time and effort required 

Oh….and of course;

what not to do next time!

Makes sense right?

So why is failure a bad idea? Isn’t it just part of the journey?

It’s only temporary, a part of the road standing between you and success! 

Move through it, learn from it and keep going!

Just like these blog posts, I said a few months ago, I’d be posting weekly, well….I haven’t, but that’s not stopping me from posting as and when I get there!

That’s all for now!

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