A decentralised life in a day to day setting for us is striving to live a holistic lifestyle.

For us this has meant making sure that we work on securing our own source of food. We have started on our tree nursery on our temporary house here in Belize. Also started our vegetable garden. It is and has always been crucial for us to continue using food as our medicine. Building our medicinal herbal cabinet. Educating ourselves and constantly updating our knowledge on how to best support our bodies to heal with the help of nature, as intended.

We are building our home, with natural materials. Our first temporary home, which will become our guest house eventually for family and friends that visit, is a woodhouse. Our bigger family home will be rammed earth. This means that we will have minimal impact on our environment. When the day comes these building will go back into the earth with minimal damage to the environment. It will be all off grid.

We have started homeschooling our 4 year old and will continue to do so for him and his younger sister. We want to empower them to become critical thinkers. To give them a varied education that does them as WHOLE beings justice. Pass on the tools for them to navigate this world as the free spirits that they are.

Ultimately it is responsible, sustainable living. That is our aim.

In the following posts i will go into each part mentioned above in more detail. It is all work in progress, like we are as human beings. We are currently working on the Belize stretch of our over all decentralised life. We will go into more details about the other countries we have land that wel build in at later dates. For now, this chapter is focused on Belize.

The take away from all this i hope for you is how can you detach from what doesnt serve you, by taking small steps and actions each day. Start from where you are.

With love,

from me and mine to you and yours.

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