Congratulations for taking the first step toward growing your wealth with the help of the decentralised portfolio membership!

Here you will find all our in depth research into where we are personally putting our investment capital, and if you feel comfortable with it, details on how you can invest and manage your own portfolio too. We suggest you always decide for yourself on each of our ideas, there may be some that don’t sit right with you and others where you feel more comfortable and that’s absolutely fine, our goal is simply to share with you how we grow our wealth through specific investments so that you can also if you chose to.

Often our goal is to at least double our money or more over time, while that doesn’t always happen, our track record has been pretty good at it so far.

How we pick winning companies within undervalued areas of the market.
1- Research and Analysis,
2-Buy as low as we can,
3-Harvest profits on the way up
4-Sell when we think further profit potential is no longer viable, risk factors have become to great or when the market variables have changed.

Where we are currently investing;
Due to the current climate within the markets in general and the rather overpriced nature in many industries we are currently focusing mostly within three areas;

Our main focus is in the resource sector, mostly gold and silver, with lithium, copper, nickel and other industrial metals mixed in

We are always on the look out for opportunities in cutting edge technologies where a specific company may be far ahead of its competitors in a particular area or product. (often these are innovative companies in pioneer technologies like semiconductors, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) software and hardware.

Blockchain and crypto:
On the technology front we also cover blockchain and crypto, here we look specifically at how blockchain technology is changing the way the (made) world works in ways most of us are not aware of and how we might best place ourselves in the most innovative projects for the future.

Investment timeframe;
often we intend to hold our positions for many months, years or even in rare cases decades.
We do not buy into “get rich quick schemes” and suggest you stay clear of them also.
Our focus is to increase our wealth over time with the outlook toward our future as being “rich” or “wealthy” in the time frame of years or decades not by tomorrow morning.