This is one topic that is split into two and in all honesty cannot be covered only in one post but i will touch on briefly, because its a key component to living a self reliant life. My hope is that you walk away with more questions than when you started reading it.

The idea of living a completely self reliant and sustainable life truly begins with educating yourself. As i mentioned previously education doesn’t necessarily mean only schooling. In our previous post Is Schooling Education? we briefly touched on how we are educating our children and the concept of schooling being synonymous with education. Education and learning is a part of our very essence as human beings. How or where you learn is unique to you as an individual. What we absorb whether it be conscious or subconscious shows up in our lives one way or another. This is why it is important to always strive to know more, read more, listen to valuable podcasts etc. To be able to distinguish what nourishes you as a whole being instead of sapping your of your life force.

It is said that we live in the information age, but in many ways it appears that enough people are not utilizing the wealth of information out there. This is doing yourself any incredible amount of disservice on so many levels. For many of us going back to our school days we were not taught anything about the importance of healthy eating, physical activity and/or financial management. Financial Literacy and Generational Wealth:

Taking these seemingly easy parts of our lives for granted and neglecting them leads to us neglected all other parts of our lives. When you cant think clearly because you have overloaded your body with toxins on a regular basis for years on end and are stuck in the loop of a 9-5 or shift work that pays next to nothing, you are unable to live on your own terms. Its very easy to give away your power once you get to a place within yourself where you dont know that living like that is not healthy in any sense of the word. It will appear to be a struggle to go within and find the answers. This loop is habits created slowly over time, that you might not even notice. These very habits as time goes on become harder and harder to step out of. Making you feel over time that you have no choice, that some things are for others but not for someone that either grew up or is in the circumstances that you are in. Excuse after excuse, because you are fearful of what is on the other side of your comfort zone. Anxiety and fear are truly two of the hardest enemies of your evolution to shake off. Give yourself time & educate yourself and you will come to realise that they are nothing but reverse prayer. You are in actuality manifesting & creating situations/circumstances you do not want.

We are all here on purpose, with a purpose. As children we are more connected to the earth and all that is around. Children are naturally more free than adults, more inquisitive and explore more freely to find what fits them. They are closer to the truth, as their minds havent been moulded by their surroundings yet. Thats why ignatius loyola said: Give me the child for the first seven years and I will give you the man. (I have never wanted to quote someone with the history this individual has but the quote fits.) This way of thinking was crucial to certain establishments in order for them to indoctrinate groups of people for their own gain. History has proven that physical strength alone hasn’t won wars.

Going on crusades to wipes out a group of peoples language & spiritual belief has has altered the world as we know it today. There are numerous books and studies on this topic. We just need to start searching.

Why is the world the way it is? What role does history play in the way society treats its people? How and why is the schooling system set up in the way it is? How do you fit into this narrative? How has modern medicine come to be? For millennia indigenous people all over the world have worked with the natural world to cure everything under the sun. So what has changed? Why is the wealth gap the way it is?

There is so much to learn, education doesnt end once you graduate. I hope that these few points in these paragraphs have served as a starting point in you asking questions about your own life & your place in the world.

“All you have to do is contemplate a simple grain of sand, and you will see in it all the marvels of creation.”

∼Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

I have included only a few books in the pictures, as there are numerous topics flowing through these paragraphs and i cannot put our whole library on here but i am happy to share more books, just let me know which topic you would like to know more about.

Until next time,