The most important element of not just self reliant living but life in general is to have the ability to think clearly to be able to operate 100%. To do this we need to ensure that we are fully rested and give ourselves the time and space to rest and reset.

There is a lot of talk around self care, how and when to put time aside for it. Self care isn’t an act of selfishness. I can attest to the fact as a mother and partner i need to remind myself of this regularly. Building a self reliant life whilst raising two young children is not easy, it takes a lot out of you. It isn’t possible nor healthy in any way to pour from an empty cup. Most definitely not sustainable! More often than not both myself and frank find ourselves just being on the go, one thing after the other because there is so much to do, all the time and forgetting to pause.

Being stressed seems to be the norm in today’s fast-paced society that pressures us to devote our lives to work and “earning” a living. This way of thinking is hard to shake off even as a family that have made the conscious decision to live a sustainable life. Finding balance in ourselves and in turn helping pass it on not just our children but help others along the way.

Refreshing your mind and body will increase your efficiency when you come to rely on your mental and physical state. The more refreshed you are, the more effectively and efficiently you complete tasks. The more effectively and efficiently you complete tasks, the more time you have to rest and relax!

While many of us have become “night-owls” in response to lengthy working hours and other pressing responsibilities, studies have shown that people are generally more productive when they start work early in the day and concentrate on their most challenging tasks while their body is fresh and their creative energy is peaking. Try going to bed an hour or two earlier so you can wake up earlier and really smash those challenges you have in front of you!

There are immense number of studies done on the subject but there is only so much theory you can indulge in. Try to set a routine and priorities rest, and then let me know how that changes your life.

This is the end of the small series on self reliance. I did this write up because i wanted to give you an idea on different elements required in order for you to set yourself up for a self reliant living. Dreaming of a different life is a great start but there is a lot of preparation one needs in order to have the best set up to a self reliant life.

The different aspects shared in the previous posts are all great starting point if you are in your planning stage. We offer in depth consultations Book a free first session where we go through and support you on taking the leap.

I hope this mini series has been useful as a starting point to get you going with your dream.

Peace and blessings,