How to manage your money in 60 minutes (without losing your mind)


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Learn how to manage your money in 60 minutes!!


Are your money management skills falling a little short of your expectations?

Are you wondering how to manage your money but aren’t sure where to start?

You are NOT alone!

Money management is not something that is taught at school or at home from our parents, (for most of us at least)

The goal with this course is to set you on your way to a healthy relationship with money.

In this course:

You will begin to unpack four important parts of managing money, in a simple and straightforward format designed to put you on the path to financial success!

The four parts of the course are:

  1. Take inventory of your finances
  2. Explore & unpack your money story
  3. Set goals for your money
  4. Make a plan for your money.

Whos this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to TAKE control of their finances and financial future!

In this course you will begin to learn the basics of how to manage your money effectively and put yourself on the road to financial freedom and a brighter future in 60 minutes!

This is the starter course, designed to get your toes wet!

if you like this course or want to jump in with both feet, then simply click on the full course from the selection tab (its about 3-4 hour, in depth designed to assist you with each of the four parts listed above in more detail.)

Course instructors:

Asli Mohamed & Francis Holmes.

Some years ago we decided to change our lifestyle drastically, at first it was hard, we struggled!

but, once we learned to take control of our financial future and manage our money effectively it all changed!

Today we live life on our own terms in our own time.

Learning to manage our finances was very important!

It was a game changer for us & we are looking forward to share what worked for us, with you through this course!

And now, the choice is yours,

what are you going to do?

take the course? or struggle on?


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