More and more people are dreaming of a better life where we have a more autonomy over lives. Planning & seeking help is a big bulk of making the big move. Its one thing dreaming wanting better life for ourselves but there is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into it.

In our own experience we had travelled a lot alone and as a couple before we had our children and continued with liban. Doing this has enabled us to find what we love and what works for us. It has given us the opportunity to explore different cultures and learn the countless ways in which indigenous people have lived sustainable lives. Even though we touched on our reasons to moving to belize in Why Belize? we have been having more enquires and sessions through our Relocation Consultation to touch more on the preparing for sustainable living once you’ve decided where you want to move.

Once you get past the initial hurdle of deciding where then the fun begins. The research begins. Sustainable living is such a BROAD subject and it can feel overwhelming at times deciding, but the key thing is to ask as many questions as possible to people that are already living the life you aspire to live. How does this sustainable living work out in a real life context. What are the cost implications that you need to plan and prepare for?

Above all else however is being mentally ready and understanding that there will be things that will come up that you might not have come across in your research stage. Some things in life you learn through living. These hurdles are nothing but stepping stones on your journey.

Underpinning your why will take you through anything and everything that comes up. Can do attitude above all else.

One of the first worrisome moments in the planning stage is knowing that you will be away from your family/support system. This is one of the biggest reasons a lot of people get stuck on the dreaming and planning stage and never really take the leap. Sometimes having a dream without actioning it is what keeps some people feel alive, and that’s ok too. Our journeys are unique and everyone gets where they need to get to in their own time. Taking this first step takes a lot of confidence in your decision, and it can be daunting feeling like your taking a leap without your support system. For us what helped is knowing that we are creating more choices and chances for our loved ones that did not make the move with us. The unshaken belief that this is the right thing for us, our children, our community and our world. One homestead at a time.

Another element for us is the length of time paperwork takes to process here in Belize. Even though it is frustrating not being familiar with the reasons why things are taking so long we know why we are here and why we are setting up this way of life. Its the long game, always keeping our vision on the end goal of what we are after.

What are your current hurdles?

Blessings always,


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