Ever heard it said that the most important investment you can ever make is in yourself?

Well I think it’s true! 

And it’s what I want to talk about today l in this blog post!

But first; 

many of you have probably noticed we’ve not posted anything new in a while! A long while!

No excuses, we’ve just not been able to keep up with all our online commitments, the website and blog took a hit. 

Everything in our lives has been going as amazingly as ever and probably better than we’d even expected!

So, lots to blog about going forward, just simply had thought we could keep this blog going better 

But we let it fall flat on its face! Oh well, here we are.

Anyway, we’re back on the writing and blog now, newly committed and ready to share!

Consistency is the key they tell me, so here goes, we’re trying again.

I guess you could say, the time we spent absent from this blog, we’ve been investing in ourselves! 

And we think it’s starting to pay off!

Briefly, let me explain……

In some ways It feels like it’s been a long journey for us as a family to get from where we were a few years ago, (working the daily grind, running the rat race) to where we are now. 

Where are we now?

Well….we moved into our house in rural Belize a few months ago. 

How we got here? 

By investing in ourselves ultimately!

And lots and lots of hard work, but interestingly, working hard for yourself and your needs is more fun and rewarding than some might think!

All in all it’s taken us just about two years from start to finish, we built our house ourselves with no help….oh and we developed our farm too. 

(you can tell we’re a little proud of ourselves can’t you? sorry!)

We live off grid, but enjoy loads of solar power, fresh water and high speed internet,

I’m currently working on digging a pool for those afternoons where you just want to cool off in the water and kick back in a hammock, it helps that the kids are cheering me on for this one, they really want a pool!

Ok so, did the above description of our lives sound remotely like your understanding of farming? 

(It’s not what used to come to my mind, that’s for sure)

Or even, 

what’s your understanding of being off grid and being as self sufficient and sustainable as possible?

(I thought that meant living in woods, eating berries and singing “kumbaya” by the camp fire, it definitely didn’t involve internet and a pool, maybe not even a shower)

Ok… whats the point?

Well that is the whole point!

Mindset is everything!

What you can conceive you can create!

You don’t have to go hide in the woods and eat berries for the rest of your days! 

So in the interest of the title of this blog post;

what are you going to conceive and create for yourself and your family?

That is the big question!

Investing in yourself is key to accomplishing most everything positive in your future,

And I don’t mean you have to go back to school of some sort and retrain, mindset is not something they teach there as far as I know.

it’s the baby steps that you take………… that over time create the new you that you strive to be!

If your not completely happy with where you are in your life now, then know that it is those baby steps you take to change your mindset that will make your future what you want it to be.

And that’s a really long winded way to say…..

1- Re-evaluate your mindset

2- Re-knowledge (re-educate) yourself

That’s all for this week, hope it was at least remotely interesting enough to suffer through it to the end!


and the pic at the top, that’s just some fruit from our farm, but i thought it was a good example of the “fruits of self investment”.

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