Invest in yourself

The single most important investment you can make in life….

Is in your self 

We talk a lot in these pages about investing, mostly with money and financial stuff, economics, generational wealth, and often grumble about all that’s wrong with the world,  it would seem maybe we forget the most important investment of all, “invest in yourself”

Ultimately, each of us will be most successful at anything we choose in life we invest in ourselves first, if we understand the importance of investing in ourselves and take a little time each day to do so, it’s from this single investment that everything else becomes possible.

Make the time to dream a little, and once you know what you want in life, then make sure you take time each day to turn those dreams into reality. 

Investing in yourself doesn’t directly have to have anything to do with money, but it might sometimes and it will ultimately lead to an increase in your income level and net worth over time. 

self investments could be anything  if it helps you develop yourself into who you want to be in life, and will almost always include things like; building your knowledge, working toward another certification, reading and researching everyday, taking at least one action a day toward your goals, even meditating and taking care of your physical health through good eating habits and nutrition will be helpful and are equally as important.


Consistency is the key to accomplishing almost anything in life.

keep at it consistently over time and it will work, they say “if you quit, you can’t win, and if you never quit, you can’t loose”

This is proven to be true (at least for us it has)

Long term self investments change your life and are often things like;

  • Starting your own business
  • Creating multiple streams of income
  • Make yourself indispensable to your customers, (this could be through your own business or as an employee in someone else’s business)
  • Relocating somewhere that affords a better quality of life, (a better quality of life for us personally meant somewhere cheap enough that we didn’t need to work all day to pay our bills and therefore we have all the time in our days to raise our two children).
  • Detaching yourself from reliance on a broken system, (for us that meant taking as many steps as we can to be self sustainable, in terms of goods and services that we rely on)
  • Getting a second passport or residency, (your only as free as your passport let’s you be)
  • Diversifying your political risk, (don’t have all your eggs in one basket),
  • Diversifying or decentralizing your assets, (again don’t have all your eggs in one basket)

There’s probably no limit of things that could be very worthwhile as “self investments” reading as much as you can and taking action everyday are probably the top two for us in that regard, we’d like to offer up two financial books well worth the read which we’ve found useful in understanding how real and fake economics work, this helps us gain an understanding for what’s going on globally at least from an economics standpoint.

Book suggestions;

1-“Economics in one lesson” 

by Henry Hazlitt

2-“The intelligent investor” 

by Benjamin Graham

As always we welcome feedback and are available to consult anyone who might want a little help in figuring out how to achieve their goals, reach out if you’d like to.

Until next time,


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