The word “tribe” in the western hemisphere is a word that has increased in circulation in the past few years. Certainly in the years coming up to 2020 and the need for it more so due to the isolations. More than ever before people have started to rethink their life and the way they want to live. The need to reconnect to a more natural way of life and with likeminded individuals. People need people. Isolation can have serious implications upon both our physical and mental health. A study performed by Karl Landis and Debra Umberson in 1988 which spanned over two decades, found that social isolation “is as significant to mortality rates as smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and lack of exercise.” What is especially interesting about this article is that it also noted that this comes at a time when the norm towards social isolation is strengthening.

As the world continues to appear as though it is spinning a little faster each day, everyone trying to make sense of the virus and how to best stay safe as well as healthy and the added layer of the increasingly detached manner of society due to an increase in the use of technology. When we live our lives in isolation we cannot benefit from the unique gifts others possess that we lack, and no one can benefit from our unique gifts in their lives.

Having likeminded humans around you offers you a support system, motivation and inspiration when times get tough or help you accelerate your work, thoughts and actions. Oftentimes they have the same fears, have made the same mistakes, and are generally fumbling through their lives in a way similar to the way you are fumbling through your own life. For us the biggest support system and motivation is our two little people, as we are working on building a bigger tribe of likeminded families here on the land with us.

Finding your tribe can look very different for different people, but one thing remains the same regardless of your method- finding your tribe means being intentional about who you choose to surround yourself with, and then working to cultivate those relationships in a healthy way. What are your goals in life? What are your core values? How do you envision your life? What are your goals? Make a thorough plan of what it is you want from life and how you envision yourself and your surroundings.

I hope this finds you in peace and love,