The idea behind decentralized investor is to share the financial part of our journey, how we got to where we are now financially, and importantly how we are increasing our financial stability going forward. We think we’re doing remarkably well, however we haven’t yet reached our goals yet.

Our goals are:
1-maintain our standard of living and
2-ensure our personal freedom.

our readers will know it’s not all glitz and glamour, nevertheless to maintain even a basic standard of living permanently requires significant amounts of money.)

We share our ideas with the hope that our journey will help contribute to our readers achieving their financial goals.
Whatever they may be, probably quite different from our own and maybe more glamorous but equally as important, so if you haven’t set yourselves some important goals yet, now would be the perfect time to start!

We offer two newsletters at present,

Decentralized investor
Our weekly despatch is emailed out to our free subscribers sharing ideas on the current economic climate, how to make sure you are financially literate and the many investment opportunities that we come across, especially the ones we are currently taking advantage of ourselves. we share our insights into market trends and emerging profit opportunities,
ideas on how to improve personal income and other ways in which we continue to secure ourselves now and into the future.

Decentralized portfolio
our paid subscriber service is our comprehensive guide to investing for a real prospect of very good returns, often the goal is to at least double our money or more over time.
Our current focus is in the resource sector, emerging technologies and crypto, with a few other opportunities mixed in.
Often we intend to hold our positions for many months, years or even in some cases decades, buying as low as we can, harvesting profits on the way up and selling when we think further profit potential is no longer viable, risk factors have become to great or when the market variables have changed.
Complete with the names, ticker symbols, where to buy, buy up to price and monthly updates.
The decentralized portfolio let’s our subscribers know exactly where we’re putting our money and saves the subscriber the hard work of countless hours of research. We share our opinions on which brokerage firms we like best, how to sign up, and all the relevant info you’ll need if your joining us on this journey.
While the current cost of the subscription service ($250 annually as a one off payment or $25 a month for 12 months (total $300)) does not compensate us for all the effort that goes into it, we are confident, as the word spreads and our portfolio sees solid profits, in time with increased membership it will do quite well.

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