I think we decided to decentralise ourselves and our finances in 2015 while living in kenya. Although at the time i don’t think we fully understood what this meant.

Earlier that year we’d left Somalia for Kenya to wait for our sons passport, (Living in somalia and the technicalities of processing his passport is a story for another time). We had moved to Somalia to try living and investing in a completely different socio-economic & political climate. Asli having lived in London most of her life and me in USA, we knew that we wanted to try a different lifestyle. Since Somalia is Aslis birthplace it made sense at the time.

It was during the period of time in Kenya that we realised we wanted more than one place to live and call home. We needed to diversify our finances to enable us to have multiple streams of income in several countries. Had we not moved from London to Somalia and onto Kenya, we may not have been able to experience the pros and cons of each place. This experience taught us putting all your eggs in one basket leaves you exposed and at the mercy of one economy and one government. The cross continent moves we did several times, shipping our belongings all over the place taught us the importance of not leaving ourselves nor our finances overexposed in one place. Each place we have lived has some amazing advantages which are brilliant, the key has been how to get the best out of them all. It’s important to understand you don’t have to be “wealthy” or travel around the world like crazy to diversify and decentralise, that being said, it does take a fair amount of work to know how to use laws in different countries to your benefit. A decentralised life does take some serious thought into what you want out of it for your life and for your loved ones. Once you figure that out then begins the research.

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