Create wealth or take wealth?!

That is the topic of this weeks blog post.

(The pic above shows how banana plants create their wealth in our garden)

I am curious why I’ve not been able to find many folks talking about wealth creation v/s wealth taking.

Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places I don’t know,

But I think it’s important to distinguish between the two.

the former has all positive attributes and the latter, well….not so much!

So I’ll have a try at it;

For me, not that I’m the worlds foremost expert at anything at all really, but in my view true wealth is wealth that you create.

It has a different flavor than wealth that you take (or is given for that matter)

Wealth that we create involves our own vital input, it is ours to own wholly and without hesitation.

To create wealth, we have to bring something to the world that others want and are willing to pay for.

Usually this is through providing some sort of goods or service to those that want it.

We can all identify plenty of goods and services, these are things we use everyday that keep our lives moving along.

products and services are great examples of successful business and ways to create wealth. 

if we solely focus on making money, chances are our product or service will be a bit underwhelming, it won’t really be as good a value as it could be.

Therefore, i think its worth noting that it should never be solely about the money, but about the utility in how the product or service helps those that want or need it.

The exchange is rewarding in of itself. 

Wealth creation is what entrepreneurs do, 

Entrepreneurs identify a need and supply a solution, that’s literally all wealth creation is based on.

It’s pretty simple stuff right?

We don’t have to spend decades in institutional education to figure this out!

anything from a lemonade stand to a semi-conductor manufacture fits in the

“wealth creation idea!

Wealth that we take on the other hand, is more elusive. (And destructive) 

it is wealth that is essentially created by others.

we find some way to lay claim to it with some form of self righteousness. 

We actually all know this type wealth is morally and ethically faulty at best. 

but greed often gets the upper hand and we find many ways in which to convince ourselves that our way is justifiable and morally correct when it’s really not.

Government comes to mind in this category, the only solutions they ever have is to create a “tax for that”

That’s taking, not creating

Wealth generated by coercion, extortion, or other manipulative means is essentially I’ll gotten gains. 

That’s really all I wanted to convey in this blog post.

How are you obtaining your wealth?

If nothing else,

we should all give it some thought. 

we will continue soon!

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