For the most part we spend a large chunk of our lives day dreaming about somewhere better, in our case a few years ago it was to build a sustainable life. To live and and raise our family somewhere warm. Even though we eventually ended up with a large list and a whole lot of countries to sift through.

The main idea is where do you start? Which comes first pinning down what you want or having the savings to back up that dream? Which came first chicken or the egg?

It can get complicated and overwhelming especially in this day and age where there is so much information out there. As the year 2020 has shown, depending on where you live, freedom of movement is getting tighter. More and more there are restrictions on what one can and cannot do in most places. As far as i know this goes against every ounce of being human. How are you to reach your highest self if you are in gold handcuffs, in most cases for western countries. How are you to live a fulfilled life when what you eat, drink, watch and who you see is dictated by someone else.

Although there is a fair amount of information, and plenty more to come, on our blog already detailing our journey. There are a number of people who are subscribed to the Welcome to the Decentralized portfolio our paid subscriber service. we have come to find that alongside the investment consultations more people have been asking for relocation strategy blueprints. Although we have briefly gone into our recent move Why Belize? this article has been just a scratch at the surface.

So this is a call to you if you feel you are not quite ready for investment subscription but feel you need to have a plan together first on how to;

  1. How to start the plan to relocate
  2. What resources to use
  3. How to take the first step to getting your finances in order
  4. How to narrow down your destination
  5. How to navigate the worries of relocating with children

This is just a few questions that we address with people regularly but everyone has their unique circumstances and we adapt the consultations to your needs.

Wer offering free 30 minutes sessions to start making a plan. Go on Contact Us or select date and time below and let us help you begin your journey to sustainable & holistic life.

In good health,

Asli & Frank

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