Pan American Silver is a Canada-based primary silver producer that’s engaged in the exploration, development, extraction, processing, refining, and reclamation of mineral properties.
Pan American currently has six operating mines, it owns and operates silver mines located in Peru, Mexico, Argentina, and Bolivia, with several development projects in the U.S., Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Guatemala.
Pan American has a current market cap of about $8billion, it’s
annual revenue is about $1.4 billion

Pan Americans main area of focus is high grade silver mining, this is our main interest in Pan American
Pan American is one of the world’s biggest silver producers with current annual extraction rates in the region of 25 million ounces of
Silver, 160,000 ounces of Gold, 55,000ounces of Zinc, 21,000 tons of lead, and 14,000 tons of copper, as the silver spot price climes during the next few years Pan American is in a prime position to reward shareholders due to its large deposits of silver.

Ross Bedie is well known in the mining industry and was the founder of Pan American in 1994, Ross Bedie has a good history in mining and is much sort after,
Pan American trades on the New York stock exchange under the ticker symbol “PAAS” it’s current share price is around $30 USD or around $43 CAD on the TSX exchange. While we recommend to mostly purchase shares in the jurisdiction in which the company is based, it’s also a good idea to spread your investments in several exchanges,

Our buy up to price to PAAS is $45USD a share.

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