It’s been an amazing 7 months in the entire crypto industry, we’ve seen huge gains in all our recommendations in the space.

The industry as a whole has grown massively, decentralized finance, NFT’s and everything else in the space have in our view emerged as real projects and even entire new industries, or sub-industries.

We’ve  also witnessed massive gains on arguably useless projects like Dodgecoin which probably shouldn’t even exist other than as a practical joke. 

As investors we should pay attention to things that don’t make sense, (like dodgecoin’s meteoric rise). 

When this sort of thing starts to happen in an industry it’s sometimes a sign that the market metrics are changing or have changed, we need to pay close attention and start asking some serious questions…

Which brings us to asking the obvious and probably most important question that we never want to ask while the party’s booming, “is the party almost over?” Or in this case “Is the crypto industry still a value proposition as an investment for our capital?”

While this is no easy question to answer, we don’t have magical powers or a crystal ball,  but we can all agree that the entire market is no longer as attractive for investment purposes as it was seven months ago. 

How could it be? All of our recommended projects are way over the buy up to price and we’ve made massive gains in all our positions, is it time to start thinking about leaving the party? 

Let’s review our projects: 


Bitcoin traded at around $10,000 on sept 7th  when we recommended it with a buy up to price of $25,000 it’s now trading at around $60,000 (if you bought at $10k congrats on a 600% gain!)


Ethereum traded at around $330 on sept 22nd  when we recommended it with a buy up to price of $1,500, it’s now around $2,500 (if you bought at $330 then congrats on a 750% gain!)


Zilliqa traded at around $.014 on sept 24th when we recommended it, it’s now trading at around $.19 (congrats on a 1,350% gain!)


Uniswap traded at around $2.25 on November 05 when we recommended it, it’s now trading at around $37 (congrats on a 1,630% gain!)

So we have Bitcoin +600% Ethereum + 750% Zilliqa +1,350% and Uniswap +1,630% 

That’s an average of 1,075% gain. We’ve multiplied our initial capital 10 times over in just seven months

But this should also tell us there are signs that the crypto market is no longer a good value proposition, while crypto doesn’t have a long history to look at in terms of conventional analysis, its clear to see that seven months ago it was below value and therefore potentially a good investment prospect, whereas now after 10x gains its has to be either at its mean value or above its mean value (which is to say it may well be overvalued).

The crypto market may indeed continue its meteoric rise for a while longer, we don’t know, it could be months, it could be years, given how long the bull market in tech stocks has gone on it wouldn’t be at all surprising if this was the case.

However I cant honestly say I think the crypto industry as a whole is still a value proposition, therefore  if we want to stick with our value proposition metrics, we should change our position in the market. 

The actions we are taking personally are as follows:

We are taking out all of our initial capital investment from the crypto space.

And we will be watching more closely for large upticks in price and volatility to start taking some profits off the table in the coming weeks or months.

For us as investors we need to always remember not to be too greedy, as buffet says “be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful” 

I’d say others are starting to get greedy, and while I’m not fearful yet, I need to exercise more caution in the space than before and take back my initial capital, this way if things do go south and the bull market in cryptos is nearly done, we won’t loose anything at all from where we started, however since we are not fearful yet, we are letting our gains ride a little longer and keeping an eye out for signs of when to get off the boat. 

(I don’t want to be misunderstood in that we are no longer interested in the space, We are still very interested and my belief in blockchains transformational potential remain the same as always, and as such I am working on a write up for a new recommendation in the space)

If you’ve suffered through this update then don’t panic, we just want to exercise caution and suggest considering taking back your initial investment capital, and if you’d be more comfortable taking some profits also then do so. We are waiting a bit longer to claim our profits, but we should note that in our view the risk is greater going forward from here, we are no longer dealing with a “when” question but rather with an “if” question in terms of further gains. 

When you do decide to start taking some cash off the table, remember to look for good exit points, it’s always better to exit during an uptick trend than a downward trend. Wait few days or weeks for it to turn upward again. 

As always feel free to drop me an email with any questions or anything you may want help with. 

17th April 2021

Francis Holmes